Real Estate Tips

May 2021 – The Grass Can Always Be Greener

This summer, it’s important that our lawns look thick, healthy and lush since we’re spending so much time outside enjoying our backyards. Here are a few natural lawn care tips that will turn your neighbours green with envy: Stay Sharp Avoid mowing when it’s wet and remember to sharpen the blade several times during the…

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April 2021 – Back-yard Trends For 2021

Having a functional and inviting outdoor space has become an increasingly important feature as homeowners look to extend their indoor living area outside. Here are a few of the latest backyard trends that will help you create an oasis that you and your family can relax and have fun in: Turning Inside Out Connecting the…

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March 2021 – Dressing Your Home For Success!

Even in a hot seller’s market, it’s important to properly prepare your home as it will help it sell even quicker and at a higher price! The following tips can be implemented with minimal cost and effort: Curb Appeal These days, outdoor living space is a coveted feature so create a great first impression by…

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February 2021 – Tips for Buyers in a Seller’s Market

Although nothing is ever certain when it comes to real estate, it’s expected that 2021 will continue to be a strong seller’s market as there’s a limited supply of homes to satisfy the growing demand of buyers. As a result, multiple offers are common which means homes often sell quickly and for well over the…

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January 2021 – Bright ideas for your basement

We’re spending more time at home than ever before so creating more living space for extra privacy is on everyone’s mind. Basements are a great option but low ceilings and limited light can sometimes make it a hard spot to retreat to. Here are a few ways to brighten things up in this often-overlooked space:…

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December 2020 – Popular home trends for 2021

Our homes have been working overtime lately as they’ve been converted into makeshift offices, schools and gyms since last March. The pandemic has had a huge impact on home trends as we’ve had to reevaluate and adjust the use of our space. Here are a few popular home trends to keep an eye on in…

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November 2020 – Mastering the Real Estate Market

Real estate is my passion. I love everything about it, but what I love most is meeting new people and helping them find the perfect home! There are various online sites where you can search around for listings but to really enjoy the full experience, you’ll want to get set up on a search that…

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October 2020 – The importance of Mortgage Pre-Approval

Looking at homes is exciting but before you get carried away, it’s important to sort out your financing as it can save you thousands of dollars and provide you with valuable peace of mind. Getting pre-approved is easy! A mortgage lender will review your finances and credit history in order to determine the maximum amount…

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September 2020 – Calculating closing costs

House hunting is lots of fun but once you purchase a home, there are various fees you’ll be responsible for when closing time rolls around. Your mortgage and down payment will cover the cost of your home but it’s important to proactively factor in the extra fees so you don’t get caught off guard. Here…

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August 2020 – Selling your home should never be a DIY Project

If you’re planning on selling your home, you may have considered putting up a “For Sale” sign and doing it yourself but there are many potential pitfalls that could end up costing you far more than you’d save. Just as it’s not recommended to represent yourself in court, marketing and negotiating your biggest asset on…

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